Upcoming events

    • Sunday, April 19, 2020
    • 08:00 - 18:00
    • Duluth Range

    Annual 2 Person Team Pistol Competition-Presented by the MN State Patrol

    Get your partner and show our membership who has the eagle eye. The competition will run all day Sunday, you stop in between or after classes. Expect a 15 minute event to prepare and run through the course.

    More info to come.

    • Sunday, April 19, 2020
    • 09:00 - 18:00
    • DECC Lake Superior Ballroom O

    Christmas Day Hostage Standoff and "Red Zone" Negotiations

    Presented by: Officer Ben Morris; Phoenix Police Department

    On Christmas Day in 2017, celebrity weight-loss guru Milan Ross spent the morning with his two children singing and making videos portraying a happy, loving family. Milan had high hopes that when his ex-wife arrived to pick up the boys, his recent success and the spirit of the season would spark new hope for a future together. But disappointment coupled with alcohol would
    lead to a much different outcome, and less than 2 hours after the singing stopped, Milan would
    commit unspeakable acts of violence against his own family. A six hour hostage standoff would
    ensue, with negotiators racing to understand the man and his motives, and tactical units
    struggling to find advantage in an almost hopeless scenario.

    Officer Morris will also present on Elements of Hostage Situations and what he calls the "Red Zone Offense" approach to negotiations.

    Robberies, Barricades and Pursuits; Negotiations in Los Angeles

    Presented by: Sgt. Harry Drucker; LASD Negotiations Team

    The Black Friday Barricade: A suspect is suicidal and robs a drug store for oxycontin then barricades himself in another store touching off a 4 hour negotiation and standoff. Sgt. Drucker will discuss his time as an 18 year negotiator and the affect it had on him during this incident and how negotiators need to protect themselves emotionally during operations.

    Stolen Squad Pursuit and Negotiation via Radio: A female suspect, high on meth and sleep deprived, steals a Los Angeles County Sheriff patrol vehicle and leads deputies in pursuit in the Antelope Valley (High Desert area of Southern California).  While driving erratically, the suspect managed to talk to negotiators over the radio tactical channel. This suspect provides a post-incident interview to enlighten attendees as well. 

    • Sunday, April 19, 2020
    • 12:00
    • Tuesday, April 21, 2020
    • 20:00
    • Duluth

    Membership must be current to register!

    Our 25th Annual Training Conference has the best courses for your teams and promises a great vendor show! Registration includes meals and reservation at our annual awards banquet.

    Host hotel:Holiday Inn & Suites

    Use this link SOTA 2020 or call 218-722-1202 to reserve now.

    Mention the SOTA room block for conference room rate of $109 plus taxes or $139 plus taxes for suites.

    Meals provided

    Sunday's First Tactical BBQ Lunch

    Sunday Evening Welcome Party - Location TBD

    Monday Breakfast and Opening Ceremony - DECC

    Monday Lunch - DECC

    Monday Night Annual Awards Banquet - DECC

    Tuesday Breakfast with Tradeshow - DECC

    Tuesday Lunch - DECC

    Sunday Training

    • CNT-Christmas Day Standoff
    • CNT-Red Zone Offense/Elements of Hostage Situation
    • Water Confidence Operations
    • Advancing the Sniper Skills
    • Tactical Retrograde and Downed Officer Extraction
    • Agency SWAT K9 – SWAT K9 Integration
    • Armored Vehicle Safety Operations
    • Less Lethal Certification by Safariland
    • Core Concepts in Rifle & Handgun
    • High Angle Sniper Operations
    • Resolution of Critical Incidents with Command Post Operations and Tactical Exercises
    • Suck Less With Training: Pistol
    • Suck Less With Training: Rifle
    • Ambush/QRF Active Incident Response: Live Fire Range

    Monday Sessions

    • CNT Incident Debrief - Tensas State Bank, St. Joseph LA, Hostage
    • CNT Incident Debrief - Graduate Hotel/UofM Hostage
    • Pre-Range Dry Fire Program - Developing Better Shooters
    • Incident Debrief-Push vs. Hold; Deciding Between Risk and Reward
    • Incident Debrief-Sovereign Citizen Barricaded Suspect .50 cal deployment
    • Incident Debrief-High Risk Search Warrant and Officer KIA
    • Incident Debrief-I94 Vehicle Standoff with Armed Suspects
    • UAV / Drone Operations in SWAT
    • SMEAC: Operational Planning for Success
    • Behavior Based CQB Presentation by 88 Tactical
    • Incident Debrief-Delaware State Patrol Homicide and Stand Off

    Tuesday Sessions

    • FBI Shootout in Miami, presented by Ed Mirales, Retired FBI Agent
    • Bank to Runway – mobile bank robbery with hostages
    • Monday, April 20, 2020
    • 08:00
    • Tuesday, April 21, 2020
    • 14:00
    • DECC Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall

    Our vendor partners are our lifeline to the products and services we use everyday. We look forward to this once a year opportunity to learn and connect. Please join us and help make the Trade show Exhibition at our 25th Annual Training Conference the best yet.

    • Thursday, May 07, 2020
    • 09:00
    • Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club

    St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office


     Comprised of physical exertion, timed events, shooting with gas masks and various shooting positions.

    Trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

    ** Duty Rifles Only **

    May 7th, 2020

    9:00 am

    Cost: $20

    Food: Bring your own or visit a local area establishment

    Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club

    3946 Marksmanship Road

    Hibbing, MN

    Contact:   Investigator Nicholas Toewe    toewen@stlouiscountymn.gov

    1810 12th Ave. E., Hibbing, MN 55746

    Cell: 218-780-2687 / Desk: 218-262-0112

    Course of fire available upon request

    ** Make checks out to: St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office

    Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club

    Take Hwy 169 west from Hibbing, approx. 2 miles west of Hwy 73 / Hwy 169, Turn north on Marksmanship Road, about 1 mile, take a Right

    Area Lodging:

    Hibbing Park Hotel – 1402 E. Howard St., Hibbing, MN
    218-262-3481 or 1-800-309-1131
    Approximately 5 miles from gun range
    Hampton Inn – 4225 9th Ave W., Hibbing, MN
    Approximately 3 miles from gun range
    Chisholm Inn and Suites – 501 Iron Drive, Chisholm, MN 218-254-2000 or 1-877-255-3156
    Approximately 8 miles from gun range

    • Monday, May 18, 2020
    • Friday, May 22, 2020
    • Fargo ND


    When: May 18th-May 22nd 2020

    Where: Fargo, ND

    What: 40 hour Basic SWAT course (ND and MN POST certified)

    Cost: $250 per operator

    This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the SWAT Core Competencies to new and/or inexperienced SWAT operators. These Core Competencies include:

    • Tactical Team procedures
    • Room/structure clearing
    • Approach formations
    • Rural movements/searching
    • Officer down rescues
    • Methods of Entry
    • Warrant service
    • Barricaded individuals
    • Hostage rescue
    • Operational planning

    The method of instruction will be through some classroom discussion and demonstration, but mostly hands-on practical exercises. Register early as class size is limited.

    Make check payable to:City of Fargo

    Send Payment to:

    Red River Valley SWAT

    ATTN Sgt. Matt Christensen

    105 25th ST N

    Fargo, ND 58102

    • Monday, June 01, 2020
    • 09:00
    • Thursday, June 04, 2020
    • 18:00
    • North Metro Range, 11370 89th Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55369


    June 1-4, 2020

    Co-Hosted By North Memorial Air Care

    NTOA Member Cost is $854, Non-member cost is $909

                                      COURSE LENGTH:                       32 Hours (4 Days)

                                                                                                    16 Hours Classroom

    16 Hours Practical


    The course will incorporate lectures, practice, and scenario based training to provide emergency medical providers with the foundation principles, practices, and skills necessary for providing medical support to law enforcement operations.  The emphasis will be on medical models and skills effective for supporting special operations teams during high-risk, large scale, and extended operations.  The concepts and skills taught in this course are also relevant to all law enforcement operations.


    Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:

    1. The mission driven character of law enforcement operations and discuss how supporting law enforcement operations differs from regular EMS operations.
    2. Providing emergency medical providers with the skills needed to effectively reduce the probability of potentially preventable injury, death and disability during law enforcement operations.
    3. Various approaches to further mission success by maintaining team health and wellness and preventing performance decrement associated with short cycle and extended missions.
    4. Methods and strategies useful to provide medical training for all police officers engaged in patrol and other law enforcement operations.



    DAY 1

    Hours:                                   Instruction:

    0800-0830                            Registration / Introductions/Safety Brief (D)

    0830-0900                            History, Justification and Team Start Up (D)

    0900-0915                            Break

    0915-0945                            TECC Methodologies (D)

    0945-1015                            Critical Interventions - Part I (D)

    1015-1030                            Break

    1030-1100                            Critical Interventions - Part II (D)     

    1100-1130                            Patient Assessment (D)     

    1130-1230                            Lunch (on your own)

    1230-1300                            Tourniquet Drill Overview (D)

    1300-1330                            Tourniquet Drill Practice (S)

    1330-1545                            Skills Stations (45 min rotations) (S)               

    ·         Station 1: Patient Assessment/TQ Optimization/Wound Packing/Pelvic Binders

    ·         Station 2: Airway & Chest Interventions/Tools/Basic BVM w-adjuncts

    1545-1600                            Break

    1600-1645                            Blast Trauma (D)

    1645-1655                            Day in Review-Logistics for Day 2 and Online Testing Instructions

    1655-1700                            Squad Leader back brief to Instructors

    DAY 2

    Hours:                                   Instruction:

    0800-0805                            Roll Call / Questions (D)

    0805-0845                            Medical Mission Planning/ MTA Practical Briefing (D)

    0845-0915                            Triage and Casualty Collection Points (D)

    0915-0930                            Break

    0930-1000                            Team Wellness and Human Performance (D)

    1000-1030                            Considerations for Extended Operations (D)

    1030-1100                            Asymmetrical Rescue (D)

    1100-1130                            Legal Considerations in TEMS (D)

    1130-1230                            Lunch (on your own)

    1230-1305                            Tactical Considerations for the TEMS Provider (D)

    1305-1315                            Tactical Medic Team Leader Interface (D)

    1315-1345                            Excited Delirium

    1345-1400                            Safety Checks

    1400-1600                            Skill Stations (40 minute rotations)

    ·         Station 1:  Drags, Carries and Assists (Extraction Devices)

    ·         Station 2:  Remote Assessment/Triage/CCP Considerations

    ·         Station 3:  Zone of Resuscitation/Critical Interventions

    1600-1615                            Break (mandatory hydration)

    1615-1645                            Case Reviews

    1645-1655                            Day in Review – Logistics for Day 3

    1655-1700                            Squad Leader back brief to Instructors

    DAY 3

    Hours:                                   Instruction:

    0800-0805                            Roll Call/Questions

    0805-0845                            Ortho Assessment and TX of the Tactical Athlete (D)

    0845-0915                            Civil Disturbances and Less Lethal Considerations (D)

    0915-0930                            Break – Mandatory Hydration

    0930-0945                            Safety Checks

    0945-1230                            Skill Stations - Medicine by Mission (S) 45 Minute Rotations)

    ·         Station 1: Active Shooter/Asymmetrical Rescue

    ·         Station 2: Open Area Rescue/APC Load outs

    ·         Station 3: High Risk Warrant Service/Immediate Action Drills

    1230-1330                            Lunch (on your own)          

    1330-1345                            Safety Checks (mandatory hydration)

    1345-1600                            Skills Stations (S) - Putting it all Together (45 Minute Rotations)

    ·         Station 1: Active Shooter/Asymmetrical Rescue

    ·         Station 2: Open Area Rescue/APC Load outs

    ·         Station 3: High Risk Warrant Service/Immediate Action Drills

    1600-1645                            Mission Planning Practical Exercise

    1645-1655                            Day in Review – Logistics Day 4

    1655-1700                            Squad Leader Brief Back to Cadre

    DAY 4

    Hours:                                   Instruction:

    0800-0805                            Roll Call / Questions

    0805-0900                            Online Test Review (D)

    0900-0945                            Individual Skill/Decision Making Assessments (S)

    0945-1000                            Equipment Inventory and Issue – Mandatory Hydration

    1000-1015                            Safety Checks/Inspection of Training Environments

    1015-1130                            Final Teaching Stations (S)

                                                    Rotation 1 (45 Minute Rotation)

    ·         Station 1: Active Shooter

    ·         Station 2: Open Area Rescue

    ·         Station 3: High Risk Warrant Service

    1130-1230                            Lunch (on your own)

    1230-1245                            Safety Checks/Inspection of Training Area/Mandatory Hydration

    1245-1445                            Final Teaching Stations (S)

                                                    Rotation 2 (60 Minute Rotation)

    ·         Station 1: Active Shooter

    ·         Station 2: Open Area Rescue

    ·         Station 3: High Risk Warrant Service

    1445-1500                            Break/Mandatory Hydration

    1500-1600                            Final Teaching Stations (S)

                                                    Rotation 3 (60 Minute Rotation)

    ·         Station 1: Active Shooter

    ·         Station 2: Open Area Rescue

    ·         Station 3: High Risk Warrant Service

    1600-1630                            Personnel/Team Equipment Accountability and turn in

    1630-1645                            Course Summation and Debrief

    1645-1700                            Evaluations and Graduation




    Assigned tactical Equipment

    Utility uniform


    Tactical gloves

    Knee pads

    Eye / hearing protection

    Flashlight or headlamp

    Weather gear (rain gear / cold weather clothing)

    Energy bars

    Hydration system


    Insect repellant

    *Ballistic armor level III

    *Tactical helmet

    *Training handgun

    *Safety equipment for Simunition®

    *We understand that not all class participants will have ready access to all recommended equipment. While it is best to train in your own equipment as you would deploy, some equipment may be available at the training site. Please contact course coordinator in advance to ensure equipment availability.

    You will be issued an individual first aid kit to be used for the duration of the training.

    • Thursday, June 04, 2020
    • Friday, June 05, 2020
    • Fargo ND

    SWAT/Sniper Supervisor

    The police sniper is possibly the most important and misused element of the tactical team. The success or failure of the sniper program rests heavily on their command personnel. They are the people who will make the crucial decisions about selecting, equipping, training and employing snipers in critical incidents. However, they cannot be expected to make knowledgeable decisions without a thorough understanding of the police sniper, his function, his needs, his capabilities and his limitations. This two-day course is designed to educate the SWAT supervisor charged with the responsibility of establishing and utilizing a sniper program. It will give him the information he will need to make the program successful and effective. Content includes establishing a program, writing policies, buying equipment, organizing and documenting training, current tactics, legal issues, media relations, and relevant case studies.

    This class is being provided by Snipercraft, Inc. and hosted by the Red River Valley SWAT Team.

    *Registrations and payment should be handled through Snipercraft, Inc. http://snipercraft.org/calendar.html

    Questions regarding local information to attend the course can be directed to:

    Sgt. Jerrod Wagner, Sniper Team Leader

    Red River Valley SWAT